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Blotted Science – The Machinations of Dementia 2xLP


The critically acclaimed debut from Blotted Science available for the first time ever on vinyl.  High resolution artwork reworked for the gatefold jacket.  Audio tweaked specifically for vinyl by guitar mastermind Ron Jarzombek.  Available in 3 colors, total pressing limited to 500 copies worldwide.


Product Description

I’ve been a huge fan of Blotted science since the first time I heard this incredible album several years ago.  I reached out to Ron Jarzombek in late summer 2012 about doing a vinyl release, wondering if the band would be interested, or if I would even get a reply.  Ron returned my email with a day and the conversation went from there.  There was a chance it still wasn’t going to happen, contractual agreements, etc. but luckily we were able to work everything out and start putting this release into motion.  All of the artwork was remade for the large scale vinyl packaging by Ron.  He also worked on the audio files to make sure they were perfect for being pressed to vinyl.  The results are fantastic!  The vinyl sounds amazing, and the artwork is just beautiful at full scale.

We’re incredibly proud to have secured this release and share one of the greatest technical death metal albums of all time with the world!

Pressing info:
100 – Clear w/ Yellow & Green Splatter
150 – Bone & Blood Swirl
250 – Black

Track List:
“Synaptic Plasticity” – 5:57
“Laser Lobotomy” – 5:21
“Brain Fingerprinting” – 3:34
“Oscillation Cycles” – 1:38
“Activation Synthesis Theory” – 8:10
“R.E.M.” – 1:12
“Night Terror” – 4:51
“Bleeding in the Brain” – 4:57
“Vegetation” – 1:29
“Narcolepsy” – 2:53
“E.E.G. Tracings” – 4:04
“Sleep Deprivation” – 0:37
“The Insomniac” – 3:56
“Amnesia” – 2:24
“Adenosine Breakdown” – 3:10
“Adenosine Buildup” – 3:10

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