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Book of Sand – The Face of the Waters CD

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Book of Sand’s “The Face of the Waters” is an almost serene, yet disturbing piece of black metal. You are first met with solitary guitar, and soon you are washed over with painful shrieking vocals and subdued tremolo picking. As the album flows and builds, there is an almost classical/orchestral style that works surprisingly well. The entire album works together and is not to be taken in small bits, but listened to as a whole. This is not for the feint of heart, this is challenging yet rewarding avant-garde music.

One word of advise, listen to this through quality headphones or a good sound system. You will miss quite a bit if you don’t, and that would be a shame as the level of detail and the layers found here are phenomenal.

Limited pressing to 100 copies.

1. The Face of the Waters
2. The Waters Above and the Waters Below
3. Falling Through the Firmament
4. Be Fruitful and Multiply
5. The Oldest Master
6. Interlude
7. The Gates of Heaven

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