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Brennendes Gehirn & Dorian Williamson – Rites of the Aethyr CD

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RITES OF THE AETHYR is a collaborative work featuring the subsonic dronemancy of Dorian Williamson (NORTHUMBRIA, ADORAN) and the audial hallucinations of Brennendes Gehirn.

Psychedelic experimentation channelling the kosmische spirit of yore with a contemporary fusion of noise and drone dynamics.

A paen to planes beyond our own, to the mysterious depths of inner and outer space.

*Limited edition CD in 4 panel wallet with original artwork by Krist Mort.  One time pressing of only 100 copies.  An amazing piece of ambient/drone/doom and a true collaborative effort with both artists contributing to the title track, in addition to producing individual tracks in their own style.

Please note this is a preorder, CD’s will be in stock and shipping the first week of September!

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