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Nick Hudson – Letters to the Dead CD & LP + DVD

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The Digipack CD edition limited to 500 copies worldwide.  CD version features two exclusive bonus tracks not found on the vinyl.

The Vinyl + DVD set is limited to only 300 copies worldwide, of which roughly half are available for order here.

Vinyl edition comes in a hand screen printed jacket, with a full color 11″ x 22″ 2-sided insert.  The first 100 copies will receive the limited Red ink cover, the remaining copies will be printed in black ink.  The red copies will first go to those who helped to fund this project through the crowdfunder earlier this year, and the remainder are being offered here in the store.

Featuring guest appearances from members of Kayo Dot / maudlin of the Well, Asva and Baliset.  Recommended for fans of Kayo Dot, Radiohead, Sigur Ros, The Cure and The Smiths (among a host of others).

Track List:
1. Bad Atoms
2. Bring Out Your Dead
3. Anchorman
4. Letter Number One
5. Letter Number Two
6. Letter Number Three
7. A Gnostic Flame*
8. Seance
9. Under The Light of the Dead
10. Call To Trial
11. Testimony of a Terrible Mother
12. Home / Bad Atoms (Child)*

* = CD Exclusive bonus tracks


Product Description

At last,  Brighton  artist Nick Hudson releases his highly anticipated new album,  Letters to the Dead, on December 3rd, 2012, through Antithetic Records. In the works for the last 2 years, this concept album gives way to an accompanying film and zine that further explore and unfold the tale of a bad mother, a searching father and a lost child set across the backdrop of a wild and haunting English sea.

Letters to the Dead  is more like an opera than an album, enormous in it’s scope with sublime instrumentation delivered through controlled, deliberate arrangements that take you deep within this mysterious world with tenderness and care. Incorporating classical sensibilities with a love of experimental music and a talent for songwriting, the journey of mother, father and child is told through a series of musical pieces that triangulate all three styles and in the process transcends the boundaries of all styles, genres and restraints. The album is a modern opera, told in two acts and the album, film, and zine work in conjunction with each other to bring to life this beautiful tale.


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