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Nooumena – Argument with Eagerness CD

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This group of talented musicians hail from Caen, France and they play a very eclectic style of avant-prog rock.  Trust us when we say that you will be rewarded with each and every repeat listen, as this album is truly amazing!  They expertly blend many styles from the great prog and experimental bands both past and present, while adding their own mark as well.  You can hear elements of Kayo Dot, guitar work from the great Steve Hackett and Robert Fripp, and time signature and feeling changes akin to Time of Orchids.  This is truly a beautiful album!

For fans of Kayo Dot, King Crimson, Magma, Yes, Mr. Bungle, Time of Orchids

Limited to 250, we have less than 150 available here.

1. Nameless Reward – 7:35
2. Decadence – 7:28
3. Bygone Ages – 6:49
4. Le Plouc – 6:59
5. Lucidity – 6:44
6. Cold Comfort – 2:24
7. Somehow – 6:10
8. Taedium Vitae – 11:05

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